Gangs of Rome available for pre-order from Footsore Miniatures


Footsore Miniatures are launching a brand new gang skirmish game – Gangs of Rome

You may say “Oh no, not another skirmish wargame on a 3×3 table”, but Gangs of Rome is different. Honestly, it really is!

Here is the blurb from Footsore, just to give you the flavour of what’s to come:

Inspired by the history of the great city, Gangs of Rome takes place in the shadows of the Empire where the heads of ambitious houses have gathered fighters forged hard by the streets to do their bidding and enact their schemes.

As a Dominus, the head of a house of Rome, you will seek out the most brutal of Romes criminal denizens, plying them with the promise of wealth and glory should they aid you in your plan to rise to the Senate of Rome and cast down all enemies before you.

Closing about you like a ring of steel your gang will arm themselves and take to the streets and alleyways of the city, advancing your interests and crushing your foes.
Your strategies mixed with their savagery, mind and sword as one as you carve your name across the very pages of history.

This is your story, a tale wrought by your hand; you will rise on the backs of your fighters, gaining power and influence enough to change not only your future but that of Rome herself.

Recruit. Dominate. Ascend.

This is Gangs of Rome.
An innovative 28mm Skirmish game for the sharp of mind and bold of action.

Welcome to Rome Dominus.

Gangs of Rome grouped-fighters-gladiator

So what makes Gangs of Rome different?

Firstly, each character in the game is unique. Now, by this they don’t mean unique within it’s faction, but completely unique.

gangs of rome 3Each model (character) has an associated stat card, and Andy Hobday has developed character generator software which has produced a huge number of different stat cards (currently over 10,000). Therefore when you purchase a miniature, the stat card that comes with that miniature is totally unique within the game – even the same miniature, purchased twice, will have two different stat cards. This means that, unlike other gang warfare games where you roughly know the stats of your opponents miniatures, you actually have no idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents gang, as you have no way of knowing what characters he is playing.

Secondly, have you ever noticed that most skirmish games take place within a vacuum? There never seems to be anyone else around other than the two protagonist groups. This is not the case with Gangs of Rome. The game takes place on the crowded streets of the city, so groups of civilians are an integral part of the game. Gang members can even blend in with the crowds and disappear!

gangs of rome 2

The miniatures for the game are sculpted by Steve Selah and Paul Hicks.

streets of rome logoSarissa Precision are producing a new range of MDF buildings for the game – Streets of Rome – so you can easily build the crowded streets on Ancient Rome.

You can find full details of this new range here


We at the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast recorded an interview with game designer Andy Hobday about Gangs of Rome – this should be available on the 9th December. Suffice it to say that, having spoken with Andy, we are very excited indeed about this game (well, Neil is at least!)

Gangs of Rome is a historically inspired skirmish game from War Banner Ltd & Footsore Miniatures, and is available to buy from and

Preorders for the game launch on 1st December 2017, with a huge number of bundles available at discounted prices.

Gangs f Rome is launched on 20th January 2018

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