‘Rebel’ warband for Test of Honour

You may remember that back in September I painted a warband for the Test of Honour Warring States day with an Star Wars Imperial theme.

Well, thanks to #hobbystreak I have finally managed to get my backside into gear and paint an opposing force for them. Keeping with the Star Wars theme, which was inspired by Tiny Hordes warbands for Ronin, it was time to paint the Rebel forces.

As you might expect, the Rebel forces have the potential to be more character-heavy than the Imperial equivalent, and I wanted to give myself a few different build options when putting together a 24-point force.


First off we have the rank-and-file Ashigaru. Spearmen are the foundation of most ToH forces, and I added Archers to provide some missile troops, but using older technology than the Imperials as befitting a Rebel force. The Sergeant is a good synergy with the Archer group, and the odd single Spearman simply gives you 1 point to play with when building your warband.

_20171208_081156.JPGI wanted to try something a little different (plus I wanted to slot in uniform paint for a Rebel pilot) so added a mounted archer to the warband – it’s quite expensive at 3 points, but gives you the opportunity to have a fast unit to seize objectives.

If you use the ‘standard’ 3 samurai in your warband, the characters pretty much suggest themselves:


However, the Princess character can be seen in two different ways – it could be more of an espionage-type character, in which case this allows you to play a Geisha Spy in addition to the Samurai characters. However, if you want to play the Princess in a more combat role, I would suggest that she actually become the warband leader, and the more elderly samurai be replaced.

As a  side note, the colour scheme for the female samurai was inspired by Leia’s costume colours on Bespin. The two colour schemes then essentially became mirrors of each other. 

So there you have it. My Rebel force to combat Imperial oppression.


2 Comments on ‘Rebel’ warband for Test of Honour

  1. Awesome! I particularly love the samurai.

  2. very nicely done.

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