Miniature painting in 2017

It’s fair to say that my painting output in 2017 has been somewhat sporadic.

It started off well enough – I received a number of units for my Planetfall Terran Army for my birthday early in the year, so started off painting those. A Ground Assault Helix and a Command Helix were produced, before my painting of these was brought to an abrupt halt by two factors:

  1. The arrival of Test of Honour
  2. Breaking my wrist

I started to assemble my first Test of Honour force for the boot camp I had signed up for at Warlord Games, only to be scuppered by being in plaster for six weeks, which put a halt on most hobby activities.

By the time my wrist had healed it was time to concentrate on making our table for Operation Market Larden, which found me painting lots of walls – but at least I did get to paint a few vehicles:

As summers end approached, I was once again up against a deadline as I had entered into another Test of Honour campaign day and I was determined that this time I wouldn’t have to borrow an army!

I was actually pretty pleased with the result – my Star Wars Imperial inspired Samurai force (which has had some recent additions).


October was once again something of a fallow month, but spotting the #hobbystreak movement on Twitter has once again galvanised me into action, and resulted in me painting an opposing Rebel force for Test of Honour – at least now I have twinned forces for the game, so this likely to see a lot more table-time in 2018 (especially once I have the scenery assembled and painted)


Overall a pretty modest painting tally for the year:

  • 6 10mm sci-fi vehicles
  • 10 10mm Infantry stands
  • 8 10mm Mechs
  • 5 WWII vehicles
  • 44 28mm foot
  • 2 28mm mounted
  • ‘some’ 15mm scenery

However, it’s better than nothing, and #hobbystreak has meant that I have finished the year in a positive way, and I’m hoping to carry this on into 2018.

2 Comments on Miniature painting in 2017

  1. Well done Neil! “Some” is so much better than “none”…

  2. Make 2018 better- and 2017 is not dead yet!

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