Games People Play: looking at what might be coming to the gaming table in 2018

Following my look back at the games I played in 2017, I thought I’d offer my thoughts on what I think I’ll be playing in the coming year.

I would actually like to play more ‘traditional’ miniature wargames in 2018, and this may well be the case – should my painting plans for 2018 come to fruition – after all, the main obstacle to playing miniature games is having painted armies, so getting my painting sorted out will help greatly in this respect.

It seems that I am playing a lot of miniature games with Josh these days, so to this end my aim is to play the following games with him: Test of Honour, Runewars Miniatures Game, X-Wing, Star Wars: Legion, Mythic Battles: Pantheon, Ninja All-Stars and Planetfall are all on the list for next year. Planetfall might be the weak link here, as it is dependent upon Josh actually getting his Dindrenzi force painted (Some would also argue that since Runewars and Star Wars: Legion are actually dependent on me painting miniatures, this potentially a weaker link than me waiting for Josh). We also have Guildball which we both have teams for – we’ve played this once or twice in the past and quite enjoyed it, so it’s a possibility (and doesn’t need a large number of miniatures to be painted – but I still have my team to paint, and that’s not even on my painting list yet!)

When it comes to playing with my regular gaming group, I would like to play more games of Chain of Command in 2018, though this will probably mean that we will need to plan games on a weekend, as I can see our regular Monday and Thursday night gaming sessions being dominated by four games: Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition, Imperial Assault, Dungeon Saga and Conan. All these dungeon-bash style games have lots of scenarios and campaigns that we have to visit.

forager coverThen of course, there is a certain new fantasy wargame coming out (SotK), plus I need to find someone to play Forager with (and Forager 2 is of special interest as it adds the French Indian War to the game – I’m now glad that I didn’t sell my Galloping Major miniatures!)

Add to this my wish to get Commands & Colors back to the table – in any form that I can – plus card games such as Lord of the Rings and Arkham Horror and you can see that gaming in 2018 is going to be a pretty tightly packed.

It is worth noting that this list does not take into account that the following Kickstarters are due to arrive in 2018: Heroes of Normandie: The Card Game, Deep Madness, The Legends of the Fabled Realms, Carnevale & Spitfyre.

What did Guru Luff say again?

2 Comments on Games People Play: looking at what might be coming to the gaming table in 2018

  1. personally i think its going to be between star wars legion and maybe adeptus titanicus…

  2. Miniature wargame wise I’ll be hoping to play:
    CoC Espana campaign
    Frostgrave – last battle of our Thaw of the Lich Lord game
    Saga-last battle in our AoW campaign.
    Forager-I have my opponent!
    Dragon Rampant – whilst waiting for SotK
    BoFA-the chap I use for Painting 15mm is working through the box set at the moment.
    Looks like Sharp Practice FiW is on the back burner as is Dropfleet Commander as I have 3 fleets to finish.
    Mansions of Madness,Imperial Assault, Conan and Mythic all feature! Pattern here?
    Also Twilight Imperium, C&C Naps (my planned Sharp Practice opponent prefers playing this to painting miniatures).
    Kickstarters: only Gloom of Kilforth and Tears to Many Mothers to come.


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