2017 in numbers…

Just for a bit of fun, here are the headline numbers for the podcast and blog in 2017:


Episodes published: 49

Total number of downloads: 232,493

Most popular show: Episode 211 – Test of Honour Review – 6,567 downloads


Posts published: 226

Total number of views: 277,561

Most popular blog post: Travel Battle – some initial thoughts – 4,654 visits

Edit: It’s noticeable from the graph that we had a drop off in downloads at the end fo the year. As well as the change to Libsyn data capture (below), we also changes from publishing every week to publishing every fortnight, which would obviously impact our download figures for the back end of the year

Libsyn (the service I use to host the podcast)  have amended their data capture engine, so the stats have reset as of November 2017 and it makes you wonder how relevant the previous stats are, but ‘lies, damn lies and statistics’ – hey ho.

Once again, many thanks to you all for downloading the podcast and visiting this blog in 2017 – I hope your have found something interesting!

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