The 7 tasks of Shuck

It’s amazing how quickly an innocent Tweet can get out of hand.

Witness the following response from my good friend Mike Hobbs to a tweet from the weekend:

7 tasks tweet

Obviously with Mythic Battles: Pantheon about to arrive, Mr Hobbs was influenced to make an idea of his own (I’m just glad he didn’t got for the full twelve!)

This has elicited a response from one of our regular correspondents, John, who appears to not be content with reminding me of my hobby shortcomings when responding in the comments to my 2018 hobby posts on painting, gaming and purchasing,  but is keen to inflict even more pain on me with the following suggestions – I have included my initial reactions to these suggestions.

Your “7 Tasks of Shuck” is such a brilliant idea! Here are my suggestions…

1 – Every single board game that hasn’t been played yet has to be played.

An interesting suggestion, this one. I do have several games in my collection that I haven’t played – however I’ll need to go through and check, as I have kind of lost track of my collection… (BTW, I hope this doesn’t include expansions!)

2 – Play at least one game with every painted army in the collection as of 01 Jan 18 (i.e. armies that get painted during 2018 don’t count).

This will first require that I catalogue all the figures that I have painted. That may sound a little strange, but I have packed some away in boxes, so I will need to find them again!

3 – Make sure there is sufficient terrain to go with every currently painted army.

This actually ties in well with my existing plans for this year

4 – Make sure there are no “orphan armies” in the collection (for these purposes, all of Neil’s regular opponents’ armies’ also count – i.e. because Dave has WW2 British, then Neil’s WW2 Germans aren’t orphans); but otherwise get an opposing army for it. Or get rid of the orphan army.

Again, this sort of ties in with my existing plans, although I’m not so sure about the ‘getting rid of the orphan army’ part…

And by ‘the collection’, does this mean painted miniatures, or just lead/plastic?

5 – Have a good suitable ruleset on hand suitable for every playable army by the end of the year. And that means playable for the size that the army actually is, not the desired end state (e.g. if Neil acquires a dozen old GW Squats, then a ruleset suitable for that, not a version of WH40K that is intended for 50 or so models per side).

I like this idea, although by ‘playable army’ does John mean that it has to be painted? To be honest, given the number of rules I currently own, I think I may have already achieved this particular task

6 – Enter three tournaments / games days (online counts) and/or put on demo games.

I’m already well on the way to this, so happy to participate

7 – And the big one: Have all miniatures painted by the end of 2018 (not including miniatures which come as part of boardgames and not including anything bought during 2018); getting/paying other people to pay them is fine, simple paint jobs are fine, but based and ready to play (In genres/periods where more than two fully painted armies or factions are owned, only two opposing factions need to be painted up e.g. Neil has US Army, USMC, NVA and VC for Vietnam – only the miniatures for one US faction and one Vietnamese faction need be finished).

There are two hopes of this being achieved – one of them is call “Bob.”

As a first step, I think I need to actually catalogue my current lead/plastic mountain, along with the projects that they belong to. At least you can then get some idea of the size (and impossibility) of this particular task.

Two rules:

If there are real life issues like sickness etc., then the same time can be extended into 2019 (so if Neil gets RSI from putting plastic kits together and has to stop for a fortnight, then he can add 2 weeks into January 2019 to complete.

No need to paint or play anything that gets sold / donated / swapped before the end of 2018.


So, is there anything anyone else would like to add? Just wondering…

7 Comments on The 7 tasks of Shuck

  1. This is great and something I need to do for myself! (Including the cataloging) Let the Grand Experiment commence! (I find myself increasingly influenced by the Guru Luff. It’s a bit alarming)

  2. Sorry Neil! I just help to remind you of stuff that you might have forgotten..

    And seriously, since you manage to get 120+ games to the table in a year, the greatest respect to you for your efforts (not even thinking about the podcasting) – after all, playing games is the main thing for those of us who fall more on the “gamer” side of the hobby. If you never painted another figure in your life, you would still have a great hobby.

    Anyway, the clarifications:

    1 – No, just one play of the base game.

    4 – Just the lead/plastic. And given the premises of the task, it can be achieved just as easily by getting Josh or one of your gaming circle to get the opposing force. The logic of this one was that if you don’t have an opposing faction, and none of your mates has an opposing faction, and you don’t want to get one, then what is that army doing?

    5 – This one is a thought task, to actually know what the “go to” ruleset is for each army. Yes, I meant painted armies – since you don’t like playing with unpainted ones, then the rules for those armies are of lesser immediate concern…

    7 – Go on, be bold! (And deciding not to have a large lead mountain and plastic pile was one of the best things I ever did – I get more stuff done, the less I have in the pile to do…)

    All the best

  3. oh damn I forgot it was 12 tasks of Hercules, why did I say 7?

    there’s only 1 thing for it, we need another 5…………

  4. Casey Adams // January 25, 2018 at 12:30 // Reply

    Amazing stuff here ! I am wondering right now how could I make a table game for star wars as well since I have a website already and you are really helping me!

    So, thank you I guess!

  5. Since I would never dream of torturing Neil by asking him to do something I wouldn’t do myself, I have got round to cataloguing my own stuff…

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