The Painting Tally: January 2018

Last weekend I finished painting my first figures of the new year. After tweeting a picture, one of my followers, @NeilHughes71, came back to me with the following question:

neil hughes 2

Now, to explain, Neil has been keeping a log of what he has painted vs what he has purchased, and provides a regular update on the numbers. I believe the aim of this exercise is to try and reduce his lead/plastic mountain. I think the rules of this are as follows:

  • All miniatures are included if you intend to paint them, (so this includes boardgames such as Mythic Battles: Pantheon)
  • Vehicles count, but only count as 1 model each!
  • Terrain doesn’t count (boo hiss!)
  • Aim is to paint a miniature a day, so to have painted 365 miniatures by the end of the year

This sort of ties in with some of the ‘7 Tasks of Shuck’ challenge I was given for this year, so I thought I’d give it a go – the results might prove interesting.

Painted: 12


I only managed to paint 12 miniatures during January – all Ninjas: a mix of the Ninjas of Iga box set from Warlord Games, and the SAM41 set from Perry Miniatures.

Purchased: 230

This month saw my core box and stretch goals for Mythic Battles: Pantheon turn up, which accounts for quite a few models – 142 to be exact.

At the start of the year I was assembling my 20mm Zvezda Samurai plastics, which is when I decided that I needed another box of Infantry and Cavalry in order to complete my forces for playing big battles – so that is another 61 figures.

Compared to this, the 13 Ninjas and 14 Japanese civilians from Warlord Games and Perry Miniatures look positively restrained (and hey, I even painted the Ninjas in the same month that I bought them!)

Monthly Aggregate: -218

YTD Aggregate: -218

That’s not a good number to start the year is it? On a positive note, surely things can only get better…

5 Comments on The Painting Tally: January 2018

  1. John Haines // January 31, 2018 at 18:45 // Reply

    I’m not sure Mythic Battles: Pantheon counts. Pick your reason:
    – It’s a board game!
    – I only received it this year. Money changed hands long ago.

    • Whilst I see what you are saying, I am including MB:P as
      A) I intend to paint it, so I have to count it in my tally so it can come off later
      B) I am counting stuff I receive, rather than simply what I order. In this way I can have a direct impact on what I receive as I can paint it immediately (yeah, right)

  2. I’ve started something similar, but I only count what I buy this year, i.e., all that kickstarted stuff I bought last year but get this year doesn’t count (as I can’t do anything about it) but everything I buy and kickstart this year counts, even if I won’t get it until later.
    I also count figures I sell as an achievement 🙂
    A better set-up for me, as I can control the size-change of the plastics- and tin-mountain better that way.
    What is already done is done, now I look forward.

    • John Haines // February 1, 2018 at 18:37 // Reply

      Oh dear, I suppose then I can’t apply those excuses to myself. I’ve got Deep Madness and Joan of Arc (probably) coming this year and I’ve pledged to Annie (of course). At least my score is positive at present, none bought, 13 Forager figures painted as well as goats, hens, pigs and Japanese grave markers.

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