ROBIN show in Nottingham 2018

I popped along to the Red On Blue In Nottingham show today. This was the second year of the event, and it was good to see a healthy growth in trader support from last year, with around 50 traders in attendance.

There were several new items that caught my eye as I wandered around the show…

I bumped into Ady & Quinton from Stand To Games, and they had painted examples of their Portuguese and Spanish figures for Forager – these are due to be shipped out to backers in the next few weeks.

A new name to me was Shiny Games. They import several ranges from around the world into the UK, including this rather nice scenery range from Knights of Dice from Australia – ideal for the forthcoming Star Wars: Legion?

Dave’s Wargames has a growing range of MDF scenery, including a Torii Gate and a very nice Dojo – there should be two more buildings added to this range by the end of February.


White Dragon Miniatures were once again showing off their forthcoming range of modern British infantry, called Courage in Contact. New to this was a rather fantastic looking Foxhound Light Protected Patrol Vehicle.

Games of War is a new name to me – I spotted them primarily for the lovely looking building they have – ideal for Forager methinks. However, they also have a nice range of 28mm boats…

It’s always a great pleasure to bump into Michael & Jo from Oathsworn, and they were showing off the next wave of figures and scenery for Burrows and Badgers – coming soon to Kickstarter! Alas, no new weasels…

Gangs of Rome is obviously big news at present, and Sarissa Precision were showing off some forthcoming releases, including more buildings under construction and a fantastic aqueduct. I totally failed to take a photo of the demo table for Gangs of Rome, which featured an obelisk being erected, attached to a crane. With so many buildings under construction, I really fancy Gangs of Rome taking place in a building site!

As I was about to leave, I spotted another range of Mediterranean buildings. These are from Ministry of Buildings, and are due for release in March. These will come ready constructed and painted – just put them straight onto the table. Another option for Forager!

_20180211_144959.JPGOverall, it was a very good day at the show.

ROBIN has certainly seemed to prosper in its second year, and it is always good to have another show in the Midlands area.

My haul for the day was modest – four figures for my expanding Gangs of Rome collection, and a Torii gate.

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  1. I dream of owning a Sentry City setup from Knights of Dice…primo product from a primo company.

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