Calling all Bag The Hun fans – ‘must see’ videos

…well, videos of interest to anyone with an interest in World War II actually…

Back in the dim distant past, I found a company that produced a number of documentaries on that new fangled Video Home Service Tape stuff. Whilst narrating the history of the subject, the film backdrops were all taken from archive footage shot by the German Wehrmacht war reporting units. I owned a number of these tapes, but unfortunately they never appeared to be transferred onto DVD, and I have since lost the suitable technology to view them at home. (Also, from what I can gather, the company that originally produced these is now out of business)

However, they are available on YouTube – and cover a number of interesting subjects: Fighter Aircraft, Bombers and Dive Bombers and Jets, along with the history of the Fallschirmjager.

If you haven’t seen these before, they are well worth a look…

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