The Painting Tally: May 2018

May has been a much better month for painting, with a number of miniatures painted, as well as some scenery (mainly trees)

Painted: 40

Painted 19 Ashigaru and 21 Samurai for the Seven Spears game I am running at Operation Market Larden #6 in a couple of weeks time.

I also added decals to all the back banners for both armies, but that doesn’t really add to the tally…


Purchased: 0

I have discovered that the secret to getting a positive painting aggregate for the month is not to buy any miniatures! A radical solution I know, and one that I will probably be unable to sustain.

It’s not that I didn’t buy any models this month, but I only bought X-Wing ships. Since these are pre-painted they don’t really count…

Monthly Aggregate: +40

YTD Aggregate: -296

4 Comments on The Painting Tally: May 2018

  1. Nice work, Neil. If you’re planning to work on more units this month, you may be interested in this month’s hobby challenge on my blog: June-Unit, or “Junit” (apparently).

    • That sounds cool – a challenge to paint my Gangs of Rome gang and finish them before “my other mate Dave” 😁

      • Any motivation is good motivation, after all – and what can help more than a healthy dose of peer encouragement/peer pressure. 😉

  2. Great work Neil!

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