Episode 250 – Questions…?

We will be recording Episode 250 of the podcast on Wednesday 21st June

As we have mentioned previously, this is intended primarily to be a Q&A show. Therefore, in order to have a show, we need your questions!

If there is anything, hobby related (!), which you want to ask us, please respond in the comments below.

16 Comments on Episode 250 – Questions…?

  1. Which miniatures and board game(s) are most under appreciated and don’t get the playtime they deserve? Why might they be overlooked and/or underplayed?

  2. ooh yes, congrats on yet another milestoned!

    .) So how was OML6 then, and do you have plans for OML7 yet? (no pressure 😛 )
    .) If you had the chance/time/location/minis collection/etc. to set up a big multi-player game (4+ players a side), what batte/period/setting would you choose to play?
    .) Which miniature (that you can recall) struck you as the oddest, be it in concept, look, etc.?
    .) To avoid the question about where you stand on bases on vehicles; Do you prefer to base buildings or not?
    .) Do you varnish your models?
    .) What is the chance of a Meeples&Miniatures wargaming day / road show / dance revue?
    .) Looking back over the impressive M&M podcast archive, which episodes stand out to you?
    .) Which one is the correct cake to have on this occasion?
    .) Is there a sort of terrain piece you feel is usually lacking on gaming tables? or do you have any suggestions for making gaming tables prettier/more convincing which are often overlooked?
    .) Which is your favourite dragon miniature? (Heresy aside, otherwise this would be pretty one-sided.)

    That’s all I can think of for now, but I’m sure you won’t be short of questions once you tape ep.250. Looking forward to the show!

  3. How about taking a look at computer moderated wargaming such as Carnage and Glory II ?

  4. Just checking you received the questions I e-mailed to you on the Meeples account on 2 June?

  5. I e-mailed mine too; or would you like me to put them here instead?

  6. Alex Woodrow // June 10, 2018 at 17:47 // Reply

    You might have already had this one but if the Meeples presenters were all neophyte gamers, new to the hobby, and with an annual bonus burning a hole in their wallets, what game/era would they choose to start their collections with the wisdom of hindsight.

    Also, how about getting Rich Clarke and Sam Mustafa on together to talk design and the state of the hobby? That would be one helluva show….

  7. James hunwicke // June 10, 2018 at 20:15 // Reply

    Hi all. My question as someone who has laid on demo games at wargames shows recently and in the past, is why despite the discussions in magazines etc, do majority of shows still involve games where the club’s are NOT interacting with the public and passes by? In some cases just playing their own games. My little group who are keen 6mm gamers have always focused on chatting to anyone near our table with some common courtesy and enthusiasm. It’s amazing the engagement that can be obtained. We have likewise walked around games at shows purposely to test club’s approaches and generally been very disappointed with their lack of communication and interest in their spectators. How do,you think we and show organisers can finally reverse this trend for the future good of the hobby?

  8. Warwick West // June 11, 2018 at 01:13 // Reply

    My question is related to the plethora of game systems and are we just being overwhelmed?
    For instance, I shift work, and get recalled to duty, I have a family and try as hard as I can to keep them happy!
    Is it just me that thinks there is too much? And if you buy something when do you get to play/paint or somehow enjoy it?
    Being a veteran gamer, I have noticed that rules are getting simpler, ie FOW and 40k. Is this a side effect of the quantity of game systems and do you expect this trend to continue?
    I must say I really enjoy your show, good work.
    Warmest regards
    Warwick West

  9. Ian Hamilton // June 11, 2018 at 06:00 // Reply

    Comments please on the rise of miniatures in ‘boardgaming’ and the frequency and cost of expansions for said games. Is the hobby in danger of pricing itself out of this trend. As a Star Wars fan I would love to be able to purchase ‘Legion’ but already the cost of the base game plus expansions released so far goes well over my annual gaming budget. Will this end in the majority of us having to choose just the one game to play and follow?

  10. I play allot of different games , and like most of us have a large collection of figures for all periods and genres in all scales .
    1. I’m starting to really enjoy various “figure agnostic “rule sets that encourage the use of any manufacturers figures. While we are free to use whatever we want there are some rule sets that actually encourage you to use anyone elses stuff . I still don’t understand why some gamers stick to what a manufacturer tells them they should use ?. Are there any rule sets you can think of that you like “because” they encourage the use of anyone elses figures .
    2. 1/72 , I love ’em . Along with all of my other scales I still use allot of 1/72 for several periods , ACW , Sudan , WW2, Vietnam , Ancients, Napoleonics . What do you Chaps think of 1/72 figures ?
    cheers Tom. aka , Testudo Maximus

  11. earlierfool // June 11, 2018 at 18:41 // Reply

    If you were to total up all the miniatures you own and all the miniatures you play with or paint, what is your actual cost per miniature with which you actually play or hobby? How much is the continued development of a backlog driving up the cost of your actual games played or actual hobby activity?

  12. The hobby seems to be in a “plastic’ golden age, with several really good manufactures. Do you think this is hurting the smaller niche figure companies/lines?
    How important is the quality of the Terrain to a good game?
    We’re 1/2 way through 2018, have there been any real surprises so far in the M&M universe?
    Added to the first question. Do you think that the improvement(if it has) of quality of plastics has had an effect on painting quality for what “is good enough.” on our table tops?

  13. 1/72nd scale plastic is still played in wargames and actually still going strong but you never see it in wargaming magazines, why? There are really beautiful 1/72nd scale plastic figures available and with modern paints, etch and plastic primers as well as varnishes, peeling paint is no longer the issue that it was. I still think the Airfix US paratrooper miniatures once painted still hold their own in today’s miniatures market.

  14. andrew brown // June 17, 2018 at 17:52 // Reply

    hi 1st congrats on 250 . as a grumpy middle aged gamer (ok 52 ) i have become some what annoyed by plastic sprue’s they offer a multitude of choice but you have to pay for all of plastic but a good amount goes to waste,add to this given the recent info started by blue planet (least to me) dose the hobby need to do something ?say
    a / make sure that as much of the bits on the sprue can be used perhaps less choice and more off the basic bits the choice’s go on
    b/ have the basic bits as a other sprue or pack
    any ideas ?? i try to make terrain and markers but still have a growing bits box of plastic bits

  15. Imagine you were advising a 13-year old – or your younger selves – who was just getting into wargaming: what wisdom would you pass on about gaming, figures, painting, rules, terrain, money, storage and so on?

    Which other gaming podcasts would you recommend, and why?

  16. Looking forward to this one coming out!

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