The Painting Tally: June 2018

As much as May was a bumper month, June has proven pretty much barren

Painted: 1

A single Perry Mounted Samurai was painted during June (it’s the one on the right)


Purchased: 15

Not many miniatures purchased this month, though I did pick up my Kickstarter from Oathsworn Miniatures (9 models)

I also purchased the Gangs of Rome ‘Blood on the Aventine’ set (7 models) and three packs of horses without riding tack from Great Escape Games (6 models)

Monthly Aggregate: -21

YTD Aggregate: -317


3 Comments on The Painting Tally: June 2018

  1. Martin Armstrong // July 1, 2018 at 19:50 // Reply

    Oh Neil, the tally would have looked so much better without the Mythic Games Pantheon set!
    I am considering painting my set in single colours, bronze for the monsters, silver for the hero’s and gold for the gods.
    Is that cheating?

  2. it seems to be going as expected mate, well done

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