The Painting Tally: July 2018

July has proven to be another month of little progress on the painting front – due to a combination of a) The Weather and b) My son constantly using my hobby desk for his own purposes.

Painted: 0

Painting? In this heat!? You must be joking!

Well, I did manage to undercoat some figures, but nothing more than that.

Purchased: 16

I am trying to be good at the moment – so I am concentrating on expanding figure ranges I already have.

Leia and Veers are new commanders for Star Wars Legion, the Pauper Soldiers for Test of Honour are needed as a full 24 point warband actually requires two sets of miniatures, and buying an extra set was cheaper that any metal alternatives.

The metal figures are Kickstarter figures from Bad Squddo Games (Fenris the wolf on the left) and a Werewolf and Minotaur from Bears Head Miniatures.

Monthly Aggregate: -16

YTD Aggregate: -333


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