Painting Tally – August 2018

August found me reconnecting with hobby time, although much of the month was spent building terrain rather than painting figures: creating bamboo forests, paddy fields and a few hills….

Painted: 45

At the start of the month I painted a number of 15mm miniatures for my Print-n-play version of Full Moon Jacket: 30 Werewolves (from Blue Moon) and 9 Marines. These are boardgame playing pieces, so the paint jobs were fairly rudimentary, but they still count in my book!

However, the end of the month saw me return to painting 28mm scale, with my first six gang members for Gangs of Rome.

Purchased: 78

It was completely unplanned, but I ended up purchasing the Kickstarter editon of Star Saga from Mantic Games whilst visiting The Other Partizan show.

This edition includes some extra bonus figures – I am adding them to the painting list as I fully intend to paint these for use with both this game and Deadzone.

Edit – I forgot three boxes of miniatures that I bought for Test of Honour at the start of the month: Bandits & Monks from North Star and Onna-Bugeisha from Warlord Games.

Monthly Aggregate: -33

YTD Aggregate: -366


3 Comments on Painting Tally – August 2018

  1. John Sharman // August 31, 2018 at 12:12 // Reply


    Nice work but do you not feel that you are getting deeper and deeper into the lead mountain abyss!



    • It’s only likely to get worse before it gets better this year, with two or three more KS due to land that have miniatures to be painted.

      I am feeling positive about my painting at the moment, and I am trying to limit the games I am actively buying miniatures for – currently Test of Honour, Gangs of Rome, Burrows and Badgers, Star Wars Legion, Forager and Deadzone (the last is a recent addition, and I already have much to paint)

      It’s the first time I have kept track of numbers, and it is scary to see how easily things seem to get out of hand, especially if you do not paint regularly.

      Whilst I don’t feel that I am drowning, any attempt at approaching parity by the end of the year will require a significant effort and increase in painting output.

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