Painting white and making cobblestones

I recently finished painting my latest Gangs of Rome miniatures.


A few comments have been made about how they liked the white on the models, so I thought I would share how I did it.

_20180913_125107.JPGFirstly, 99% of the credit must go to Jeff (@JAD965 on Twitter) who posted a thread explaining how he painted white on his models – I simply took his advice and added one extra step, which was to add a wash after the original basecoat. This was something of an experiment, using Vallejo Game Color Pale Grey Wash._20180913_110218.JPG

  • Basecoat: Coat D’Arms Horse Tone Grey
  • Wash: Vallejo Game Color Pale Grey Wash
  • 1st Highlight: Coat D’Arms Horse Tone Grey
  • 2nd Highlight: Coat D’Arms Tank Light Grey
  • Final Highlight: Coat D’Arms White

That seems to work even better than the Coat D’Arms triad for white that I originally bought!

_20180913_110353.JPGThe other question I had was how I had made the bases. Again, these were something of an experiment, as I didn’t fancy the idea of cutting off the integral base of the miniatures with a razor saw in order to put them on a resin base.

As an alternative, I resorted to that gold mine of modelling resources – IKEA. I used some decorative stones, gluing them around the base using strong PVA, and then applied sharp sand into the gaps, plus on the metal base of the figure, which at least means that the whole figure base has a texture, although it’s not all stone. It’s a bit fiddly to place all the stones (especially if you are blessed with sausage fingers, as I am!), as you have to sort through to find stones of a suitable size and shape, but the final result doesn’t look too bad at all.

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