Through the round window

_20181007_121320.JPGAs part of my preparation for scratch building several houses for Burrows and Badgers, I have been looking for any sources of round window frames in MDF.

Round windows seem quite appropriate for the Burrows and Badgers settings, but making them looks to be a bit of a pain – hence my searching for a source of these.

The usual places, such as Warbases, produce doors and rectangular windows, but I wanted something a bit different.

A brief search lead me to a company called Calico Craft Parts, who produce exactly what I was after – a set of MDF window frames – £2.99 for 20.

You can find the frame here

As well as windows, they also do doors, and even some MDF building blanks. The windows should go well with the door set that Sarissa recently released.



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