Battleground Fantasy Warfare reprint on Kickstarter

On a recent Musings from the Bunker podcast, I was talking about the fact that you didn’t necessarily require miniatures to play miniature wargames, and quoted Battleground Fantasy Warfare, and it’s historical counterpart, as ways of representing units on the tabletop.

I am very pleased to report that the Men of Hawkeshold and the Battleground Fantasy Warfare game are currently the subject of a Kickstarter, to look at reprinting this game with a new set of rules.

As part of this, you can order reprints of any of the packs from the original game – whether that be Dwarves or Elves for the Fantasy game, or the Persian/Macedonian expansion for the Historical game.

At time of writing, the project has reached just under half of its $20,000 funding target. It is running until 7th November, with delivery due in December 2019.

Battleground Fantasy Warfare was one of the first games we featured on the podcast, way back in episode 8 – it’s great to see it being updated and reprinted.

You can find out more about the project here

Note: This Project has now been cancelled, and is due to be re-launched early in 2019.

1 Comment on Battleground Fantasy Warfare reprint on Kickstarter

  1. For those familiar with the system, I have seen the latest rules edition and it is quite improved. The much maligned rule book has been replaced with a shorter cleaner version.

    This version is completely compatible with all the original decks, so no need to worry that you have to buy all new stuff.

    Disclaimer: I’m not part of Your Move Games, just a big enthusiast.

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