The Heresy Dragon – it’s back!

It’s probably the best dragon ever made, but most people aren’t aware of it.

Back in 2008, Andy from Heresy Miniatures decided that he wanted to make a dragon – but he wanted it to be a ‘proper’ dragon in 28mm scale – one whose proportions would reflect these legendary beasts.

Well, the tale of the Heresy Dragon is long, sometimes depressing, but is ultimately a tale of someone who is determined to keep his word to his customers – you can read the story in Andy’s own words here.

Heresy Dragon

The good news for those who missed it first time around is that Andy has decided to offer to make further copies of the kit.

Andy is running a Kickstarter to fund production of this kit. It’s a limited run, with only 78 being available in total, and they are staggered in production waves across 2019.

It’s a very large and complex resin kit, and is therefore not a cheap model, being priced at £350. Having said that, the new Forgeworld Khorne Dragon is £375, and looks to be a bit smaller than this offering from Heresy.

This is a truly spectacular model, and is cast to the highest quality.

If you want the chance to own one of these monsters, check out Andy’s Kickstarter – it’s running until the 1st of November, so you will have to be quick!


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