7TV Apocalypse – new skirmish rule box set from Crooked Dice

Crooked Dice are currently running a Kickstarter to fund a new box set for their popular 7TV miniatures skirmish game.

Whilst the original box set explores the world of Spy-Fi and all those classic 1960’s and 70s TV shows, this set leaps into the dystopian future where the world has suffered some sort of major catastrophe, and the remaining survivors fight amongst the ruins.


What’s new you ask?

All new casts and gadgets with the new theme are includes, as well as some all new vehicle combat rules are included in the base game.

Plus miniatures. Lots of new miniatures.

Several of these have been on show at the last few shows that Crooked Dice have attended, and they look fantastic.

The Kickstarter has smashed through it’s original £10,000 funding goal, with its current funding now over £30,000. The project is running until the 6th November, with delivery due in March 2019.

You can find out all the details of this Kickstarter here

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