Oathsworn running new Burrows & Badgers kickstarter

The latest much-anticipated Burrows & Badgers kickstarter is now live!


Following the release of the rules by Osprey earlier this year, Michael Lovejoy has finally got back into the sculpting saddle and produced 15 new miniatures for the game.

Ranging from a mouse soldier with a crossbow to a huge beaver with a warhammer, these figures continue to show why the Burrows & Badgers range is currently one of the best around – beautiful details and a massive amount of character in every model. This new batch of models include have 7 warriors, no less than 3 new mages and also a handful of townsfolk – some who can double up as priests if needed.

I have already earmarked Hallit Longsight as a new warband leader…

The project has been running for just over 24 hours so far, and has already smashed it’s funding target by over 4 times its value!

Delivery of these models is due in February 2019, with Oathsworn having an excellent track record of delivering all their Kickstarter projects either on time or early.

However, you will have to be quick, as this project is only running until Monday 5th November 2018.

You can find out more details here

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