Radio Dish Dash running Kickstarter campaign for Ultracombat

Radio Dish Dash – authors of the Skirmish Sangin modern rules – are no stranger to gaming modern warfare.


They are currently running a kickstarter to help fund the production and publishing of a new set of rules with an accompanying 28mm figure range – ULTRACOMBAT.

Here is their press release, with details about the game:

Our ULTRACOMBAT Kickstarter is hoping to raise sufficient funds to create a complete platoon of unique individual modern miniatures for both the Russian and American Armies, and two support vehicles including the latest US Stryker (IFV) armed with the Mk44 Bushmaster II 30mm auto-cannon and the Russian Bumerang (IFV) armed with 30mm auto-cannon.

As part of the design process, we have already created a full squad of Russian and Americans and have produced some initial castings which were on display to many admiring views at Historicon this year.

This miniature range will be paired with our new ultra-modern ruleset, ULTRACOMBAT. A game system that allows players to adjust the gaming scale between individual soldiers, fireteam or squad level combat depending on the scenario or player preference. We have been playtesting the game mechanics for over six months, and the feedback has been positive. In order to facilitate the building of the ULTRACOMBAT community Backers can be involved in the final testing process. As such we will release a PDF beta version of the core rules quickly after the Kickstarter concludes.

We have created the first full squads for both the US and Russian platoons. So that’s 18 figures that can go into production and be delivered quickly if Backers choose to split their pledge into two waves for shipment during the pledge manager. This will allow those who choose; to get their initial castings out on their tables quickly while waiting for the full rules and any stretch goals achieved to be completed.

The project is already fully funded, and is running until Thursday 22nd November 2018, with delivery due in January 2019 for the miniatures-only pledges, or October 2019 for the miniatures and rulebook.

You can discover more details about this project here

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