Painting Tally: October 2018

October turned out to be another somewhat frugal month on the painting table…

Painted: 10



I did manage to get the two Gangs of Rome mobs that I needed for the GOR campaign day painted – just! I managed to get another mob painted as well, but since they aren’t based yet they don’t count towards this months tally.

Purchased: 241

A couple of Kickstarters turned up this month which massively increased my painting ‘to do’ list. The miniatures in Deep Madness do not need to be painted, but they are almost too nice to ignore, so will add them to the list, just in case.

  • 207 new miniatures in the Deep Madness game
  • Star Wars Legion models – two guns and crew
  • 28 new miniatures in the Carnevale two-player box set

Monthly Aggregate: -231

YTD Aggregate: -652


1 Comment on Painting Tally: October 2018

  1. Nice work on those gangs, though you’re a braver man than I taking note of the aggregate!

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