Meeples & Miniatures welcomes a new sponsor

We are very pleased to announce that our website and podcast has a brand new sponsor – Firestorm Games.

If you are unaware of Firestorm Games, here are their details from their website…

We are an independent tabletop games retailer with 2 stores based in Cardiff and Newport South Wales. Cardiff is based within a 5 minute walk from Cardiff Central Station. Situated inside the South Wales Gaming Centre which has over 70 gaming boards and a licensed bar, we have the ideal venue for you to play and meet like minded gamers and build on the ever growing gaming community in South Wales. Our Newport store is situated inside Tesco Extra in Newport Retail Park, perfect for buying milk and Space Marines in one shop! The stores support all of the major table top board games, card games, war games and more… If you want it, we will try and stock it for you!

We are especially pleased with this new arrangement as we at Meeples & Miniatures are huge fans of the South Wales Gaming Centre (it’s the Welsh Wizzard’s FLGS, and home of those now-infamous ‘wobbly shelves’*).

More details will be announced on the next podcast episode (#257)

In the meantime, you can visit Firestorm Games webstore here…


* For clarity, I think it is wise to point out, for those people who may not listen to the podcast, that the shelving at Firestorm Games is, of course, perfectly safe and structurally sound. They have been christened ‘wobbly’ due to the tendency that Mike Hobbs (and for that matter, ‘my other mate Dave’) has of buying something whenever they walk past them, and then exclaiming “it just fell off the shelf!”

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