Painting Tally – December 2018

December started really well with a fantastic weekend painting clinic, courtesy of Glenbrook Games. However, with one thing and another I totally failed to actually finish any  models

Painted: 0


Didn’t manage to finish the Normans…

Purchased: 72


Several purchases this month, including Gangs of Rome mobs, more Star Wars: Legion and Fourth Quarter Football turned up, which included 46 miniatures that I intend to paint.

Monthly Aggregate: -72

YTD Aggregate: -731

On the face of it, the final aggregate for the year is pretty depressing. This is the first year that I have kept track of this (Thanks to Neil Hughes, I think!) The result has been interesting, as it has given me some physical evidence of my how my lead\plastic mountain grows over a year.

It has certainly given me something to aim at for 2019.


6 Comments on Painting Tally – December 2018

  1. Adrian McWalter // January 1, 2019 at 12:45 // Reply

    Naughty boy

  2. John Sharman // January 1, 2019 at 14:28 // Reply


    Happy New Year. Make 2019 a year to reverse your lead mountain. Make no new purchases but make a note of those things you might have bought to see how much your mountain would have grown and how much money you have saved as well. You will still probably have loads of kickstarter projects being delivered. How about organising a Meeples & Miniatures painting social where we paint for a full day then pint and curry? Could be a charity event? Make 2019 a year where your mountain reduces.

    Benson, Oxfordshire

  3. A good post, as you know War gamers are lead and plastics collectors, so I firmly believe that there are people with worse tallies than yours 😉. If it makes you feel any better my Orc rifles I finished off in December were started about 3 years ago. I have been trying to go for paint what I have and apart from a DBA Aztec army and some bits and bobs to finish off my HOTT Conquistadors I think I have kind of, possibly, maybe stuck to it. No doubt I will go into the shed and find a giant box of stuff I forgot I had bought! The one thing about doing my blog is I now have a record of what I have painted and what I have purchased. My weakness is Ebay! I see stuff dirt cheap and just have to buy it because it is so cheap!

  4. Alex Woodrow // January 1, 2019 at 20:24 // Reply

    I think you answered the problem yourself in a recent podcast: Remember the sense of genuine cheer and accomplishment you felt after your painting weekend at Glenbrook Games? Miles better than the momentary dopamine kick you get when buying some new shiny, I’ll bet. Make 2019 Neil more of a creator than a consumer!

  5. I’ve set myself the goal of “Paint two, buy one”… I’ll be interested to see how it goes.

  6. I think that the c.150 miniatures you painted this year is very respectable. The problem is that you would have to increase your painting output by five to break even, never mind reduce the lead mountain…
    You are probaby going to have to learn to love playing with unpainted miniatures. Or start employing a painting service or two and/or sell/donate lots of stuff to make a dent in it. Or never buy a figure ever, ever again…

    All the best & Happy New Year!

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