Norman Cavalry – finally painted!

Back in August 2016 I started building several new cavalry units for a Breton force for Saga, using the plastic Norman Cavalry from Conquest Games. More information can be found here.

After spending two years languishing unloved on a tray above my computer desk, these models made it back to the painting table in December last year, when Matt Slade encouraged me to finish them – let’s face it, in the meantime they had become something of a symbol of all that was bad about my painting hobby.


Well, today is the day that I can finally announce that those damned models have been finished! The Norman monkey is finally off my back!

The four units can be used in Saga, or as part of a larger Norman force for To The Strongest.

A Breton Warlord, some mounted command and several units of foot are still required, but I think I will give myself a bit of a break and paint something else before returning to more Normans.

7 Comments on Norman Cavalry – finally painted!

  1. Paul Baldwin // February 9, 2019 at 20:39 // Reply

    Well done Neil. Excellent work. I had a box of stuff similarly hanging about and it was great to finish it all off.

  2. Martin Armstrong // February 10, 2019 at 00:21 // Reply

    Well done Neil!
    Alternatively you could sell them LOL!

  3. They look great – well done you!

  4. Alex Woodrow // February 10, 2019 at 13:33 // Reply

    Well done! But start painting something, anything, today or you’ll lose the momentum. Have you got any other figures to hand that need some paint on them?

  5. Cool stuff Neil — they look great!

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