Painting Wolfhounds

They say that Man’s best friend in his dog.

Well, in Rangers of Shadow Deep (reviewed on podcast episode 262) there is a good chance that in a four player game a Ranger’s only companion, at least at low level, will be some form of hunting hound, as this is one of only a few companions that can be afforded when you start the game.

_20190304_120207.JPGI found these rather nice Hunting Hound miniatures from Otherworld Miniatures – you can find them here.

Now, you can go with the way the dogs are painted on the Underworld website, which is fine. However, you may want to rely on more than just model pose to tell the dogs apart, which will mean painting them in different colours.

But what are the possible colours of an Irish Wolfhound?

Well, I have just found this colour chart of Wolfhounds on the website which I hope will be useful in painting the above models.

2 Comments on Painting Wolfhounds

  1. Liking the idea of Red & Brindle

  2. Alex Woodrow // March 4, 2019 at 20:03 // Reply

    Dude, you are on a roll!

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