Ranger of Shadow Deep – ‘The Missing’ miniature collection

Yesterday was spent working on the basing of the figures I have recently painted, with the result that all the miniatures (well, all bar a couple of birds) for the first mission of Rangers of Shadow Deep – ‘The Missing’ – have now been finished. I started painting these on the 19th February, which a total of 59 miniatures painted in 33 days, which must be some new sort of record for me!

First off we have our intrepid Rangers. These will be selected from the following miniatures from the Foundry fantasy range:




These can be accompanied by a Rangers best friend (Otherworld Hunting Hounds):


Then we have the monsters our Rangers will be facing – Giant Rats (Reaper Bones), Zombies (Mantic Games) and Giant Spiders (Wizkids – D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures)




Finally, we have “The Missing” of the mission title – Villagers (Gripping Beast)



Next up on the painting desk are miniatures for ‘The Beacon Tower’ mission, which include Gnolls, a Flesh Golem, a Shadow Knight and a Vulture.

1 Comment on Ranger of Shadow Deep – ‘The Missing’ miniature collection

  1. John Haines // March 25, 2019 at 14:42 // Reply

    What have you done with the real Neil?
    On a more serious point, what suggestions have you for regaining the painting habit? It looks as if a key point could be finding a game you really want to play. My main problem is that I can’t decide whether to paint more figures or play and end up doing neither. (Sharp Practice, ToH, Forager, OHMN).

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