Let slip the Dogs of War!

It has taken almost a full month, but the Gnoll warband has been finished.

The undercoat \ basecoat was applied to the models on March 31st. Since then work on them has been somewhat sporadic, but the Easter break has allowed me some time to really get my teeth into the final few models and get them finished.

I approached the task by dividing the figures into smaller groups – 2 groups of six models each, followed by a group of eight. Then the seven metal character models and finally the two hyenas. The basing on all the figures was left until the end and all done together.

Gnoll Characters

A Gnoll Tracker with his pets

Gnoll Sergeants (They are characterised by wielding two-handed weapons)

Gnoll Warriors with hand weapons

Gnoll Archers

The warband has 29 models in total, so should be quite flexible for most of my needs – the character models with perhaps a couple of rank and file models would make a great group for Thud and Blunder.

The models in both metal and plastic have actually been a joy to paint and are packed with character and detail. I must admit to being very pleased with how these came out.

However, I think that it is probably time to paint something that isn’t 40-odd shades of brown!



5 Comments on Let slip the Dogs of War!

  1. Lovely stuff!

  2. Shaun Randell // April 25, 2019 at 11:58 // Reply

    A whole new warband in a month. That’s got to be really pleasing!

  3. Very nice! And since my Bones 4 order included a bunch of gnolls that I had no idea what to do with, this is very inspiring. I will be copying this…unless I paint them blue and make them evil Smurfs. We’ll see. 🙂

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