Painting Tally – April 2019

Thanks to the Rangers of Shadow Deep project, April continued to be a productive month for painting.



Painted: 39

Not only did it see a Gnoll warband of 29 miniatures painted plus a couple of figures for the Rangers (A hawk and an Archivist – represented by one of the new Frostgrave plastic Wizards) but I managed to squeeze in a flock of 8 Giants Bats before the end of the month. These are representing Blood Bats in RoSD, but are actually GW minis (Vampire Counts?)

One final thing worthy of note – this month I surpassed my painted model count for the entirety of 2018. It turns out I only completed 124 miniatures last year!

YTD Painted: 130

Purchased: 160

However, April also carried on where March left off in terms of purchases, with several new boxes of miniatures added to the growing projects pile…

  • Burrows & Badgers – 6 miniatures
  • Oathmark Dwarfs and Goblins – 60 miniatures
  • Wizards and Gnolls for RoSD – 13 miniatures
  • Mortal Gods Athens & Sparta boxes – 38 miniatures
  • Star Wars Legion expansions – 11 miniatures
  • AvP Alien Queen – 1 miniature
  • Journeys in Middle Earth boardgame – 31 miniatures

To be honest, this little lot is starting to get towards the end of my current ‘wish list’ for figures. I will need another box of Oathmark Elves and some Frostgrave Cultists. There is another 7 boxes of Star Wars Legion miniatures to get (as yet unreleased), the sharing of three plastic Perry WOTR boxes (mounted troops and crossbows) plus a few odds and ends for RoSD, but other than that I don’t forsee a huge amount of miniatures being bought in the second half of the year…

…famous last words I know

Monthly Aggregate: -121

YTD Aggregate: -608


2 Comments on Painting Tally – April 2019

  1. Great work on those Gnolls, Gneill! How much stuff left in the RoSD pile now?

    • I believe around 30-40 figures should see everything we need until the end of Temple of Madness

      Includes wolves, skeletal knights, ghouls, temple cultists, werewolves, giant snakes, ogres, trolls and a few other odds and ends

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