May Day painting challenge – Update #1

The first step, at least when painting models, always seems to be the most labourious.

Since these are plastic miniatures I decided to give them a good wash and scrub with an old toothbrush before I did anything else. I don’t often do this to be honest, but thought that I would be extra vigilant in this instance.

Once dry the models were inspected for flash and mould lines. There were actually very few of these apparent – probably most notably on the head and arms of the Ruffian models. These were removed with a modelling knife. Overall these are very neat and clean castings.

And so into the most arduous step if, like me, you apply your primer with a brush – priming the models.

I actually plan to try out several different techniques during painting, but decided that all the ‘Enemy’ models would be primed with a black undercoat, whilst the heroes would primed grey. This will potentially give a contrast between light and dark on the final models – we shall see.


In both cases I used Vallejo Surface Primer. There is a marked difference in consistency out of the bottle between the black and grey paints – the grey appears much thinner, so a second cost is required to ensure good coverage.

With the models primed, it’s time to take a quick meal break before I move into the next step.

1 Comment on May Day painting challenge – Update #1

  1. John Haines // May 3, 2019 at 21:28 // Reply

    I wash plastic figures in our dishwasher. It’s easier with sprues but you can get laundry bags to keep individual figures from going down the drain.

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