May Day painting challenge – Update #3

Next onto the painting table were the Ruffian models, since I had a good idea as to how I wanted to paint these.

The palette for these models was going to be predominantly brown, so I used the technique that Matt Slade shared with us last year and first applied a wet brush of a 50/50 mix of Vallejo Flat Brown and Vallejo Hull Red.

I then used a similar process to how I painted my Gnolls – using a wide palette of various brown shades and mixing these between the models so as to obtain a non-uniform look.


The idea is to make the enemy models look varied in colour whilst keeping them of a general drab appearance – the brighter colours will be used by the heroes.

Once complete the models were given an all over wash of Army Painter Strong Tone.


I am pretty pleased with the result. However, these took me almost twice the time I expected to finish, which has already put the final target in some jeopardy. I think the problem lay in the fact that I was using a large range of colours. Simply switching between them added greatly to the time…

…and I think I proven that I am just a slow painter, something which isn’t so apparent when you are painting in regular short bursts.

Next up are the Orcs & Goblins. I am hoping that these will be much quicker to produce, as the colour palette I am using for these is limited to half a dozen or so colours.

1 Comment on May Day painting challenge – Update #3

  1. there’s an old yellow glaze 🙂 great work on the models

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