May Day painting challenge – Update #5

ffg_MEC38_43.jpgDue to some other commitments my painting time on Sunday was somewhat restricted. Even so, painting the Orcs turned into something of a slog, rather than a joy. Whilst the Orc Hunters are OK, I dislike the Orc Marauder miniatures, which wasn’t helped by the fact that I found them a pain in the arse to paint.

On a practical note, I wanted to differentiate between the Orc and Goblin miniatures in the game. Once again looking at the card art, Orcs are depicted in several different skin colours. In the end I decided on brown because

  1. It fit in with the ‘bad guys’ general colour palette
  2. I had an old Citadel ‘Orc Brown’ paint that was close to the colour I had originally envisaged for the skin tone, which worked out just about perfect.


I changed a couple of things with this batch of figures. Firstly I started using a different Gunmetal paint. As I noted in the previous update,the Army Painter Gunmetal really didn’t seem dark enough, so I switched to the Coat d’Arms version, which seemed to be a better colour without having to resort to mixing (I try to avoid colour mixing if I possibly can)

Secondly I tried different colour washes on the fur pelts the Marauders were wearing. As it turned out, these just didn’t look right once the rest of the figure had been shaded, so I ended up going over them as well.


I returned to a Strong Tone wash for these,as I wanted them to have a dark, drab feel. The result is perfectly serviceable, but definitely not the best figures I have painted recently.

Looking at what I have left to paint, I am confident that I can finish all the remaining bad guys in the time remaining. However, painting all the heroes as well is very much in doubt.

2 Comments on May Day painting challenge – Update #5

  1. You can do it Neil! Fingers crossed…

  2. Shaun Randell // May 6, 2019 at 12:58 // Reply

    Don’t rush the heroes. Take time to do a better job on them! I have an old Orc Brown, which is perfect for the sallow brown/green I envisage for a lot of Orcs.

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