Painting Tally – May 2019

Better late than never, but I’ve finally managed to get around to updating what I painted during May.



Painted: 40

If you followed my painting challenge at the start of May, you will know that I painted all the miniatures from the Journeys in Middle Earth boardgame. I also painted 3 set of Palaquin bearers for a game of Seven Spears (Sengoku Period Dux Britanniarum)

YTD Painted: 170

Purchased: 68

I did collect more models for the current projects:

  • Rangers of Shadow Deep – 12 miniatures (Rangers & Giant Flies)
  • Perry Miniatures War of the Roses plastics – 28 miniatures
  • Victrix Greek Peltasts, Slingers and Archers – 28 miniatures

Monthly Aggregate: -28

YTD Aggregate: -636


2 Comments on Painting Tally – May 2019

  1. Well done! Are you having half the boxes of the War of the Roses’ stuff?

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