Painting Tally – June 2019

Thanks to a bout of illness and some concentrated podcast editing effort, my painting time was somewhat restricted during June – although I must admit that this was coupled with the fact that I somewhat lost my painting mojo during the latter half of the month.


Painted: 12

I only managed 12 miniatures painted during June – 12 spear armed Ashigaru for the game of Seven Spears (Sengoku Period Dux Britanniarum) at OML7. I forgot to get a picture of them close up, but at least I can say that they are on the table above…

YTD Painted: 182

Purchased: 102

Primarily thanks to finding a unexpected cheap source for Latari Elves, June saw a large growth in my Runewars figure collection. To be honest, these won’t be used for Runewars, but rather for other Fantasy games, such as Saga: Age of Magic, or perhaps something else…

  • Runewars – 100 miniatures (Elves, Undead & Humans)
  • Star Wars: Legion – 2 miniatures

Monthly Aggregate: -90

YTD Aggregate: -726

The second half of the year needs to see a major painting effort in order to try and resolve this large negative aggregate (Coupled, of course, with the other simple solution of stop buying stuff!)  – I feel some sort of concentrated approach is required.


3 Comments on Painting Tally – June 2019

  1. John Sharman // July 3, 2019 at 13:27 // Reply


    Could a lot of your unpainted figure mountain be classed as no use plastic? Could be banned in future!! In jest.


  2. Shaun Randell // July 3, 2019 at 21:34 // Reply

    Don’t let your negative aggregate out you off your excellent half year result of almost 200 figures painted!

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