Painting Tally – July 2019

It is typical that in the month that I published my grand painting plan for the rest of 2019, I haven’t managed to finish painting a single miniature.


Painted: 0


I am in the process of painting two fleets for Full Thrust. However, rather than being the kick-start that I had hoped, I have found painting these module to be a real chore. Not 100% sure why, but I have been decidedly uninspired this month and most of the time have simply not felt in the mood to pick up a paint brush.

YTD Painted: 182

Purchased: 6


The lack of painting in July has only been partially redeemed by the fact that that I have only bought a few figures during the month – a total of six miniatures from the Runewars range.

To be honest, this is a conscious effort to rein things in after a somewhat profligate first half of the year. Given my current painting progress, it is doubtful that I will gain parity with YTD aggregate in the next 5 months, but getting under -500 would be a good start…

Monthly Aggregate: -6

YTD Aggregate: -732

Hoping for a better month in August!

2 Comments on Painting Tally – July 2019

  1. The Muses are fickle. Perhaps you need an offering to gain their attention– try melting down a UNSC light cruiser. That ought to do it! (I too have to be in the right “mood” to paint. And isn’t it interesting how some projects just fly off the brush while others leave us stuck — no matter how interested we are in getting them done. I’m currently struggling with the Crooked Dice X-Commandos because I just can’t quite get the look I want).

  2. Luke Holmes // August 2, 2019 at 20:18 // Reply

    I’ve found that in the past couple of months I’ve painted a stack of minis for games im not even playing…… I’ve just looked at the pile.. picked one up and had a go and if its inspired me I’ve painted up a unit…. 50x warhammer zombies and 20x vault dwellers? All from a job lot I picked up and thought Id have a go. I find sometimes painting for the game you want to next play amd painting up minis you want are two seperate things.

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