Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 280 – Chat with Gav Thorpe

Download Episode 280

In this show hosts Neil Shuck & Mike Hobbs are joined by author and game designer Gav Thorpe to chat about all sorts of gaming stuff

  • 00:00 – Introduction -We find out what Gav has been up to recently
  • 23:09 – Confessional – Time to own up to all those hobby purchases we have made recently, and to gaze longingly at other shiny toys
  • 1:18:55 – Our Hobby – We talk about our recent gaming and painting.
  • 1:53:58- Round Table – Gav chats about various things, including the campaign system for Warlord’s 2000 AD games, writing for Black Library and the old Warhammer world,  gives suggestions for writing gaming scenarios and shares his thoughts on Adeptus Titanicus
  • 2:47:12 – Outtro – Closing thoughts.

We hope you enjoy the show.

The Meeples & Miniatures podcast is sponsored by Too Fat Lardies – purveyor of the finest rules and scenarios for wargaming.

The Meeples & Miniatures podcast is sponsored by Firestorm Games – don’t forget to use the discount code that can be found in the show

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