2019 – Model painting review

2019 was both a good and a bad year for painting…

I’ve probably painted more miniatures this year than I have in a very long time. That said, the last three or four months have seen very little done, so it’s a year that I can look back and think of what I might have achieved, if only I had managed to maintain my painting level of the middle of the year, when I was riding the wave of painting enthusiasm and achievement.

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The year ended with a total of 194 28mm miniatures painted. I must admit, this is a figure that I am actually pretty pleased with. The fact that most of this was achieved before then end of July, much less so…

However, especially with the arrival of several figure-laden Kickstarter projects at the end of the year, along with the purchase of a number of expansions for both Star Wars: Legion and Imperial Assault, my unpainted pile of metal and plastic miniatures has grown by over one thousand during the year. That alone is a very scary statistic.

The challenge for 2020 is clear.

3 Comments on 2019 – Model painting review

  1. 194 is a good total – well done!

    I think in a good year you might be a 250-325 year man…

  2. Nicely painted, if you painted every day that’s 1 figure every 2 days. That’s good going, I’m about to start painting 200 Seven years war Austrian infantry. As it’s 35 years since I’ve used a brush I don’t think I will be able to match that total.

    • Thank you.
      As I am learning, the secret seems to be ‘little and often’
      I have already made some good progress this year – I had intended to start by painting models for Imperial Assault, but seem to have got distracted by Undead, both for Rangers of Shadow Deep and Saga: Age of Magic.
      Probably about 80 figures to paint, but if this test unit is anything to go by, the army shouldn’t take that long.

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