2020 – New Year, New Plans?

We have rung in the new year. 2019 is but a memory, shooed away by fireworks and streamers. In its place 2020 arrives, with new-born eyes wide with wonder and expectation.

It is a time for making resolutions, a chance of a new start…which last about 3 weeks, if we are lucky, as a general rule.

As gamers, I think most of us have three resolutions with regard to our hobby that we usually trot out about this time:

  • Play more games
  • Paint more miniatures
  • Buy less

As I consider the current state of my own hobby, I am probably going to add a couple more.

A change in direction

changeOver the last 12 years, my hobby has been dominated by the fact that I have presented Meeples & Miniatures. Podcasting is a hobby in itself, and I have been very pleased to have been able to combine my main two hobbies together for many years.

As you almost certainly know, I took the decision at the start of December 2019 to draw the curtain on the podcast. Some of the reasons why are outlined in this post, and also detailed in our last show.

Whilst I am immensely proud of what we achieved with the show, I think it is the right time to move onto some new things. As a result, you may have already noticed some changes. Rest assured that this is doesn’t mean that I want to disassociate myself with Meeples & Miniatures – far from it!

The website has a new title – though it will retain the Meeples & Miniatures URL, and the podcast archive will be contained here. However, I thought I would make the site reflect what I will be moving forward – I can, at last, embrace TheBrummieDwarf as my new online persona – finally laying Earthquake to rest, as well as mandmpodcast – which was an online name which was never very sexy, but was required for brand identification purposes, if nothing else!

Time for consolidation

I have been talking for some time now that I really need to have a thorough sort out of my games, rules and miniatures. Despite my best intentions, the number of games and figures that I own appears to have spiralled quite dramatically in the last couple of years, to the point where I actually have little room for anything new.

If you read my blog post yesterday about my painting for the year, you may have been shocked to discover that I somehow managed to add over 1000 miniatures to my collection last year alone. I must admit, I was somewhat surprised by the final figure myself.

This isn’t a state of affairs that can continue, so it’s time to get real with my game and miniature collection. I am aiming to grab a sellers table for the Hammerhead show, so I have a short deadline to aim at.

Play More Games

One of my intentions with giving up podcasting is to spend at least some of that time playing more games. Whether that involves taking a day or a weekend and travelling, or sitting down of an evening for an RPG session, I’d like to try and spend more time on the social side of our gaming hobby – interacting with friends and generally having a good time. I am already lucky enough to have two or three gaming sessions a week on a regular basis, but would like a few more, with the opportunity to meet up with some of the many people that I have got to know well over the years.

Paint More Miniatures

Given the rise in my collection, this is something of a no-brainer!

In the short term, there are five games I want to concentrate on, at least at the start of the year:

  • Star Wars: Imperial Assault
  • Star Wars: Legion
  • Saga: Age of Magic
  • Rangers of Shadow Deep
  • Burrows and Badgers

I have fairly extensive miniature collections for each of these, and they are all games that I want to play much more of during 2020. There are other miniature collections that are also crying out to be painted, such as Conan, Mythic Battles and Nemesis, but you have to make a plan to start somewhere!

Buy less

If I am being brutally honest, there is very little need for me to buy any games or miniatures in 2020. However, I know myself too well to say that I won’t buy anything at all. Instead, I am going to limit myself as much as possible to figures for games I already own.

At present, plans for purchases for 2020 include several expansions for Star Wars: Legion, plus the planned plastic box sets for Oathmark (Goblin Wolf Riders and Elf Light Infantry) along with their associated metal characters.

Napoleonic figures from Perry Miniatures are also on the shopping list at some point – British and French Dragoons, plus some Voltigeur and Riflemen.

I want to catch up with the box sets of Test of Honour miniatures that I am missing, so several of these are likely to be purchased.

Finally, with the upcoming release of new Ancient rules from TooFatLardies, I have my eyes on a Roman and Barbarian army from Foundry. This particular purchase is, however, way off in the distance as we stand at the start of the year.

Blog more

One thing I was very conscious of in 2019 was the few blog entries that I made. Given the fact that I will no longer be recording podcasts, this means that this blog will once again become my primary way of communicating with the hobby community. It is my intention to make full use of this in the days, weeks and months to come.

Happy New Year one and all – here’s to a successful and productive 2020!

6 Comments on 2020 – New Year, New Plans?

  1. Shaun Randell // January 1, 2020 at 15:50 // Reply

    I thoroughly endorse your above plans. Hopefully we can lock horns on Saga AoM as well as get a game of UBoot in. I haven’t had a chance to work out my priorities yet.

  2. Best wishes Neil for your new online Brummy Dwarf identity and New Year’s Gaming Resolutions. All this gaming and painting time that you’ll have without the podcasts … we’ll miss the podcasts but good to know you are getting more games in!

  3. I’ll be interested to read your musings on SAoM. Having enjoyed “vanilla” Saga and eagerly anticipated the fantasy version, I must admit to being rather disappointed in it (mainly because the titular “magic” element of the game seems rather lame, and the whole “twist any faction to play with any battleboard” thing leaves me rather cold and uninspired), to the extent that I have never got it to the table, despite having splurged on its release. I look to you to rekindle my spark of joy in the franchise!

    • No pressure then!
      I will certainly let you know. I am using it as a way of playing larger wargames with Josh, as he is very much a Fantasy/Sci-Fi can rather than historical (Samurai being the exception!)

  4. Good luck in 2020!

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