The non-glamourous side of a website

MMwebsiteYou may have noticed a few changes around the website in the past couple of days.

The main different is a big reduction in the amount of different columns of the website. I’ve reduced this as the website switches purpose to be more about my personal hobby rather than a new blog.

As part of that, I have also consolidated the number of categories on the blog, so things will only be in one of 7 different places.

The top left of the blog now displays a number of the latest stories published on the blog, which revolve around in a carousel.

Next to that is ‘Thoughts of @TheBrummieDwarf’ – it’s what used to be the editorial column, and it’s where I will be putting blog entries with my current thoughts on various aspects of the hobby

The Painting & Modelling and Battle Reports / Session Reports columns are fairly obvious and speak for themselves.

The Hobby News column will be where I put snippets of news that I find particularly interesting, or relate directly to games that I play.

Underneath the Painting and Battle Reports is another carousel, which contains a selection of Reviews that I have posted on the site.

Next to that is what is, at the moment, entitled ‘Other Hobby Stuff’. It’s basically a catch-all ‘General’ category of anything that doesn’t fit into anything else…

Finally, at the bottom of the page, is a ribbon which contains links to some of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast episodes.

Clicking on any of the banners on the website will take you to that area and all the articles hosted under it. I haven’t removed any content, so we have blog posts going back to the birth of this website in 2008.

I hope that the changes improve your experience in using the site.

2 Comments on The non-glamourous side of a website

  1. No harm in adapting things to make it more suitable for yourself as well.
    Looks great have a great day!

  2. Code reuse is a good thing.

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