Why I am giving the new Conan Kickstarter the boot

Next week (13th January 2020) will see the launch of the latest Kickstarter from Monolith Designs – Conan: Beyond the Monolith.

The main aim of the Kickstarter is to launch a new way of playing skirmish games using the miniatures previously released for the Conan Board Game. However, they are also releasing a new scenario and campaign book, with an accompanying box of miniatures that will be needed to play the campaign.

Initially I was really enthused about this project and backing it was a no-brainer. Conan is a great game and I was excited to see new content planned. However, since I am trying to cut back on my hobby spend this year, as well as rationalise my projects, I decided to ask myself a couple of questions. The conversation went something along these lines…

N: Great! New Conan boardgame expansion. I must get this!

n: Hang on a second. If you like Conan so much, when did you last play it?

N: <Checks BoardGameGeek> Err…August 2018

n: So, if you like the game so much, how come you haven’t played it in 18 months?

N: Well, you know, other things have got in the way, like Gloomhaven

n: Have you played all the scenarios from the base game?

N: Err…No

n: How many expansions do you own?

N: All the big box expansions (3) plus the Book of Skelos campaign book. Plus the Conan boardgame tie in with the Modiphius RPG

n: And have you played all the content in these?

N: Played? Hah! I haven’t even touched these yet!

n: So explain to me why, exactly, are you considering buying another scenario and campaign book for a game that you haven’t played in 18 months, and which you have probably got 80% of your existing owned content still to play?

N: Err….

Whilst I love the Conan game, unlike Mr Hobbs I am not a huge fan of the setting. It’s fine, but nothing beyond that. Also, I don’t even need the Skirmish expansion, as Josh owns the Batman game from Monolith, including the VS expansion, which was the forerunner of this new system.

So, in a complete departure from what has gone before, I have decided that I am not going to back the new Kickstarter. My collector OCD is going a bit wild at this decision, but in the light of the games I currently play, along with my existing game and miniature collection, this seems to be the only sensible course of action.

Sensible? Me? What on earth is the world coming to?

5 Comments on Why I am giving the new Conan Kickstarter the boot

  1. Of course there is nothing stopping you playing with the Conan miniatures using the Thud & Blunder rules 🙂

  2. Well done you Neil.
    I am trying to de-clutter this year (look out Henry Hyde at the Featherstone dinner auction for Combat Stress) but suffering from the Memsahib who keeps saying “but I like them”
    E.g. Eight wind-up toy racehorses with jockeys, lovingly re-painted by me in correct silks. Not used for two years. Charity shop? “No! We might use them one day.” Sad.

  3. So you could either spend money and have new Conan stuff to play, or you could not spend any money and still have new Conan stuff to play?
    Looks like a good call to me.

  4. mcdouglas2015 // January 15, 2020 at 23:21 // Reply

    Third attempt to comment thanks to WordPress!
    In a nutshell – I was only interested in Conan and was tempted by the solo/campaign elements….however it’s academic now as I see the Kickstarter has been cancelled!
    Hopefully it will return with a reconsidered Conan only project, by which time we might have played all the existing scenarios!!

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