A look at Mortal Realms, Issue 1

I had no idea that this product – Mortal Realms – existed until I read a post from The Renaissance Troll himself, Joe McCullough. The kicker on that particular post was that he wasn’t going to buy this product, despite the price, as it didn’t fit in with his new miniatures project goals.

Joe did mention two things in his post. The first was that the miniatures in this publications would be idea to use with Rangers of Shadow Deep: Ghost Stone. The second was that he recognised that in posting about the temptation that he faced, he would present his blog readers with a similar temptation.

I’m sorry Joe, but I may have failed the test.

My only saving grace is that I was already looking for miniatures to use as Spectres for the Ghost Stone supplement for RoSD. Couple this with the fact that I have just started painting my Undead army for Saga: Age of Magic, and we have a unit of 10 very nice plastic models for £3, which is a bargain!

So, what exactly is Mortal Realms?


You may remember a similar magazine to this appearing last year, but aimed at 40K and using Space Marines and Nurgle Plague Guard. This is a ‘collectors’ magazine which allows you to build, over the course of a number of weeks, two armies for Age of Sigmar, along with some terrain and several essentially hobby tools (Paint, brushes etc).

Collectors magazines have been a ‘thing’ in the UK for a number of years. They usually offer some form of collection, be that models, or parts for a bigger kit (such as ‘build your own Millennium Falcon!), with the first few issues being a loss-leader. The idea is to grab subscribers whilst the magazine is at a low price, and since you are buying a magazine every two weeks I think the hope is that it may distract you from working out the final price that you are actually paying for the product – which is usually pretty high.

Having said all that, the first issues of these publications can be worth grabbing, and I think this is the case with Mortal Realms.

So, what do you actually get for your money?

First off, you get an introductory magazine which introduces the reader to the Age of Sigmar. This includes articles on the two forces that the publication is focusing on, along with instructions on how to construct the plastic models that come with the first issue, and a very basic game – Battle of the Barrows – to play with them once they have been built.

The first issue also contains a large poster (which has promotional adverts for the product on the reverse side), a double-sided pull out with fluff for Age of Sigmar, plus the board for the aforementioned Battle of the Barrows game.

Finally, you have what really interests me about this issue – 13 hard plastic miniatures. There are three Stormcast Eternal Sequitors and 10 Chainrasps. The publication is rounded off with 6 six-sided dice and a 12″ plastic range ruler.

It is worth noting that the production quality of the magazine is excellent – exactly what you might expect from a product associated with Games Workshop, though it is actually published by Hachette Partworks Ltd.

So what happens next?

Issue 2 of Mortal Realms will have 4 Nighthaunt Models, plus a pot of GW Corax White and a paint brush. At £5.99, it might be worth picking up. Subsequent issues are £7.99, and I think we can forget about those.

As for issue 1? Well, the dice get thrown into the dice bag (you can never have too many D6!), the range ruler is put into the gaming box (always useful to have a 12″ measuring stick) and the Chainrasps will be assembled and added to the painting table. The Sequitors might be thrown in the bits box, or given away if someone wants them, and the rest of the stuff will probably end up in the recycling bin in a couple of weeks…

Ultimately, at least for me, the whole point of buying this is to get 10 plastic undead models for £3. In that respect, this is a great result.


2 Comments on A look at Mortal Realms, Issue 1

  1. mcdouglas2015 // January 15, 2020 at 23:27 // Reply

    Bought….although I do wish they wouldn’t bother with those pre-coloured plastics!

    • Agreed – although I suppose it means that people are happy to play the game because they can treat them a bit like boardgame pieces.
      Will be trying to paint mine this weekend…

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