Sarissa Precision release Sengoku Period castle in MDF

Sarissa Precision have added to their range of 28mm MDF terrain for Feudal Japan with a new castle.

The Japanese Castle is a sizable kit, representing the traditional fortress of the period which was constructed from a mix of wood and stone.

The model measures approx. 14″ x 17″ , and is just over 12″ tall, making an impressive centrepiece to a table – ideal as the dwelling place of your Lord in games such as Test of Honour or Daisho.

I was thinking about making a castle for use with my games of Seven Spears, but this release gives a good looking fortress without all the hassle of a scratch build.

The castle is priced at £95, which is certainly cheaper than a couple of others I have seen on the market, and is available to order from the Sarissa website.

1 Comment on Sarissa Precision release Sengoku Period castle in MDF

  1. It looks a bit “toy like”. I’ve visited several Japanese castles and this is unlike any of them. A castle should not be the centrepiece of a table, it should be a large portion, or possibly all of it. A castle was much more than the central keep, although that is often all that remains. It would have been surrounded by the houses of samurai and other retainers and these walled compounds would have formed part of the defence. Then there would have been a series of fortified gates with entrances set at right angles to create many opportunities for defensive fire. Only then would the attackers have reached the central part.

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