Miniature Painting, w/e 12th January 2020

This week I started to get ‘back in the saddle’ of painting a little each day. The aim is to paint for around 15-30 minutes – basically to try and make some progress on a model – even if it’s just applying one colour, or maybe a wash.


Sunday 5th / Monday 6th January.

OK, cheated a bit already as I started painting these whilst listening to the NFL Play-off game on Sunday night.

Miniatures are Cultists from the Rangers of Shadow Deep range from North Star. Painted the base colours on the models.

Tunic – Miniature Paints Burgundy (2 coats). Tabard – Coat d’Arms Linen

Trousers & Mask – GW Mournfang Brown

Flesh – GW Ratskin Flesh

Belt – GW Rhino Hide

Halberd Shaft – Foundry Spearshaft Shade

Halberd Blade – GW Abbadon Black


Tuesday 7th January

Applied some secondary coats to various parts of the models

Masks – GW Brazen Brass

Halberd Shaft – Foundry Spearshaft

Halberd Blade and End – GW Chainmail

Flesh – P3 Khardic Flesh followed by P3 Midlund Flesh

Wednesday 8th January

Not a great deal done on the Wednesday. Put an all-over shading wash onto the Cultists. a 50/50 mix of Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone with the Quickshade Medium, just to ensure that the final colour is not too strong.

Then, inspired by a tweet from Luke Holmes, I seized my first primed Runewars Undead unit off the tray where is has been languishing for several weeks and started applying GW Wraithbone to the head, arms, legs and clothing of the skeletons. I will be applying Contrast Paints to these areas, so wanted to ensure a decent base colour coverage.

Thursday 9th January

A little progress this evening. Added texture to the Cultist bases and painted the bases with dark brown, and finished applying GW Wraithbone to the first skeleton unit.

Friday 10th January

Once again, only a small amount of progress today. Drybrushed the Cultist bases and applied flock. Started painting all armour, wood and leather areas of figures with GW Mounfang Brown.

Saturday 11th January

Pretty much finished these today.

Swords – drybrushed with GW Chainmail

Armour – painted with GW Brazen Brass

Bone – painted with Citadel Contrast Skeletal Horde

Clothing – painted with Citadel Contrast Blood Angel Red

Sword, armour and shield washed with Army Painter Strong Tone diluted 2/1 with Army Painter Quickshade Medium.

Sunday 12th January

Finished basing for the unit.

Really impressed with how the Contrast Paints worked on these models. Both Blood Angel Red and Skeletal Horde produce a great result – decided not to add wash to either of these two areas.

3 Comments on Miniature Painting, w/e 12th January 2020

  1. I made the same promise to myself. So far one hour on one day acheived 🙁

    • Which is better than nothing at all, and at least you achieved an hour.
      I have admitted to myself that I am a slow painter, and sometimes all I can manage is applying one colour to half a unit.
      However, even that little bit adds up over several days.
      Just don’t be down on yourself if you miss a few days – it is meant to be enjoyable 😉

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