Miniature Painting – w/e 19th January 2020

A second week has been spent painting Runewars skeleton warriors

Monday 13th January

_20200117_124636.JPGPainted GW Wraithbone over all bone and clothing areas.

Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th January

_20200117_124752.JPGPainted GW Mournfang Brown over all armour and belt areas of models. Basecoated swords Vallejo Black Primer

Saturday 18th January


Applied GW Brazen Brass to all metallic areas, GW Contrast Blood Angel Red to the clothing and GW Contrast Skeleton Horde to the bone areas.

_20200119_142720.JPGThen applied a diluted wash of Army Painter Strong Tone to the armour and shields

Sunday 19th January

_20200120_105941.JPGBased the unit with sand, painted with Java Brown, drybrushed with Sandstone and then flock and static grass applied.

_20200120_110111.JPGAssembled and started painting the Chainrasps from the Mortal Realms issue #1. They went together very easily, but I had a facepalm moment when I realised that the model holding the candelabra had an alternative pose on the sprue which was more suitable for what I needed – only after I had assembled the original model.

These were undercoated with two coats of Vallejo Grey Primer, and then given a coat of GW Nihilakh Oxide, which goes on much like a wash. The effect is quite ghostly, but I want some deeper colour definition, so I will be applying a very dilute wash of Army Painted Green Wash to add a layer of shading. These were painted very much as a ‘quick win’, and I’m experimenting with the final look.


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