Miniature Painting – w/e 26th January 2020

Only managed a few days painting last week, mainly due to spending a long weekend in Wales with the Welsh Wizzard. Playing games and meeting with my fellow gamers, rather than slaving over a hot painting desk – whatever next!

I had started painting some GW Chaingaunts last week as a bit of a break, so continued with those.
I thought I would add another wash in darker green to these figures to try and improve the contrast. At the same time, I wanted it to be a dilute wash to reduce the colour saturation slightly, as the Army Painter Green Wash has a strong colour. I didn’t want to dilute the wash with water, as this adds issues of water tension to the way the wash acts, so I thought I would use the Army Painter Quickshade Wash Medium. The issue with using this is that the medium is white rather than colourless, so adding the medium changes the colour, making it a lighter green – not quite the effect I was after. I didn’t mind too much as these were only cheap models – paid £3 for them. If I had paid full price (RRP is £25) it might have been a different matter!

It was then onto the usual basing, which took a couple of nights.
Overall I think the impression of ghostly spectures works well enough – these were something of a ‘quick win’ this week.

1 Comment on Miniature Painting – w/e 26th January 2020

  1. jimmylogan0916 // January 27, 2020 at 14:05 // Reply

    Not my style of gaming, but I enjoy seeing this stuff and getting inspiration. 🙂

    I spent all weekend mostly in bed trying to avoid getting full blown SICK. Been fighting the sinus crud for a few days now, so I haven’t done any painting at all in a while…

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