Footsore Miniatures & Games launch ‘Mythic’ expansion for Mortal Gods

Ever since Footsore Miniatures produced Mortal Gods – their skirmish game set in Ancient Greece – people have been asking if/when they will release an expansion based on Greek Myth. The tales of Heroes, Gods and Monsters seem to be woven into the very fabric of the history of the region, so an expansion was always on the cards. Indeed, Andy Hobday was talking about the possibility even before the original game was published.

Thankfully it would appear that Mortal Gods has had a good enough reception within the gaming community that this major expansion can be launched – though to be fair Footsore have been producing regular expansions of miniatures and rules since it’s release, most recently the Persians and Thrakian Lochos.

The Mythic expansion gives players three factions to choose from: followers of Zeus, Hera and Hades, along with another faction of Heroes and Demi Gods which can be added to any Lochos.


This Lochos is led by a Priest of Hades, and includes Zealots and Temple Guards, as well as Skeleton Warriors and an Undead Hero. Since skeletons are raised from it’s teeth, it’s only fitting that this Lochos also includes the mighty Hydra.


The Lochos of Hera is again led by a priestess, and features many creatures in addition to the Temple Guard.

These include Harpies, Sirens, Hounds, a Giant Lion and the mighty Gorgons (see right)


Once again led by a Priest, the Lochos of Zeus features Centaurs, Satyrs alongside their Temple Guard.

The monsters for this faction include the Cyclops and the Minatour.


FB_IMG_1580233729094.jpgThe Heroes and Demigods deck includes those mighty warriors of legend. Here you will find Jason and his Argonauts, Atalanta, Castor, Pollux, Heracles, Odysseus and Bellarophon on Pegasus, amongst many others.

Whilst Mythic is being launched with a full range of miniatures in metal and resin, you can also obtain the expansion with just the cards and rules supplement – an ideal option for those of us who may already own the odd monster of Greek Myth, thanks to Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

The Kickstarter has, at time of writing, already made well over double its £10,000 funding goal. There are various pledge levels which allow you to obtain the rules and a mix of miniatures, plus there are a number of add-ons also available. Whilst some of the larger models have an equally large price tag (The Hydra, for example, is £75 – though it is a BIG hunk of resin!) the rules expansion and cards alone will cost a very reasonable £35.

Mortal Gods is a great skirmish game, and this expansion looks to add a huge amount of additional options to your games. The Kickstarter is running until 16th February, with delivery due in September 2020.

You can find further details here

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