Barons’ War 2 launches on Kickstarter

Following on from the first Barons’ War Kickstarter, which ran in September 2019, Andy Hobday and Paul Hicks are back with a second project, which fills in many of the ‘gaps’ in the range of miniatures.

The initial new planned packs include Crossbowmen, Levy and Foot Knights with double-handed weapons.


This new project is off to a flying start, having funded in 37 minutes, and has been smashing through stretch goals at a fair pace. We have already seen several additional packs added to the range including more Levy, Foot Knights, Foot Sergeants and  Mounted Knights.

In addition to the miniatures, all backers will receive a copy of the new Barons’ War skirmish rules which are currently under development. These are similar in nature to Mortal Gods, with several modifications for use in the medieval period.


The campaign is running until Sunday May 10th, and has a delivery date pencilled in for December 2020. On the Q&A which Andy had on Facebook last week, he mentioned that they hope that the miniatures will be delivered much sooner than this, but that they also had to be mindful of the current climate and wanted to manage expectation as much as they could.

You can find full details of the project on the Kickstarter website

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