Painting update – 7th July 2020

Following on from my last update I have managed to make steady, if not exactly speedy, progress on my second Saga: Age of Magic army – a Demonic warband.

As I said in my last update, the main figures I am using for this are taken from the old computer-moderated tabletop wargames Ex-Illis. I collected a Demonic force for that game but never finished painting it – until now, that is.

I finished the second of four beastman units today. These are going to form the core of my force, and whilst I may not field all four very often, having that many will allow some flexibility.

These figures were Berserkr’s in Ex-Illis: lightly armoured fanatical troops wielding two weapons. The sculpts are a little unusual in that they are based on medieval ideas of demonic beasts rather than more contemporary styles – someone described them as almost having an air of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’. If nothing else, it will mean the warband will be eye-catching because not that many of the models actually exist.

Next up are two squads of Legionarii – more heavily armoured troops with the head of a hideous bird.

2 Comments on Painting update – 7th July 2020

  1. Shaun Randell // July 8, 2020 at 08:39 // Reply

    Great progress Neil. Painting club is working?

  2. Looking good mate.

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