Painting Update – 17th August 2020

As I have mentioned before, one of the discovered benefits of the COVID pandemic has been our Saturday afternoon ‘Paint and Chat’ sessions. As well as getting the opportunity to socialise with friends, it also provides a regular window for progressing with projects that might otherwise languish – it helps keeps things on track.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been finishing off the remaining units for my demonic Saga warband. The first unit are several Nephalim. I painted the models last week, but didn’t manage to finish the basing until this past weekend. These were an experiment using a method where I primed the models in grey, gave them a wash of GW Nuln Oil and then drybrushed in a single direction (down) with white primer. I then painted the majority of the figures using GW Contrast Paints.

I used purple as a complementary colour to black to give the miniatures a less monotone look – I would have used red (to pick out the red in some of the other units flesh tones) but since my Undead army is red and bronze, I wanted to use a different colour for these armoured troops.

The final based models are below

Rather than painting on Saturday, I spent the afternoon constructing a plastic kit of the large Ex-Illis demon – the Emissarius. Unfortunately, the kit has several mould lines that need filling, and since I don’t have any green stuff in stock, that is going to have to wait for a few days.

Instead I decided to paint my Warlord / Army general.

I used the same colours that I had chosen for my Nephalim, as this unit was intended to be his personal bodyguard (although they can’t be Hearthguard in Saga as they are on 50mm bases).

It’s a really nice figure, and I was a bit nervous as to whether I could do it justice, but I’m pleased with the result I have achieved – I wanted a result that looked good but didn’t take huge amount of time. The figure was painted primarily with GW Contrast paints, plus some highlights and washes on some of the details. The blending of flesh into bone on the wings seemed to work especially well, and was dead easy using Contrast paint. Just to give you an appreciation of the actual size of the miniature, he is stood on a 42mm base.

With my Warlord now finished, I actually have a playable force – the second army I have managed to complete this year, which is some sort of record for me I think. I just want to add a Behemoth miniature, if nothing else for the sheer visual impact of having such a huge figure on the board.

Demonic Warlord with some of his personal bodyguard

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