Painting Update – 23rd August 2020

Only the one miniature painted in the last few days, but in my defence it is a big one…

This is the Gargantuan Skeletal Dragon from the Pathfinder Battles range by Wizkids. It’s a plastic miniature that comes ready-primed, so that you can immediately get on with the business of painting.

In this instance, the first thing I did was to give the entire model a wash of GW Agrax Earthshade, as I wanted to heighten the shadows on the model, as I intended to use GW Contrast Paints for most of the model.

The main colour was – unsurprisingly – Skeleton Horde, which I had used for the rest of my skeleton warriors, so I wanted to use a consistent bone colour.

The next question was what colour to use on the wings. Several people suggested leaving them a lighter colour, but I wanted something a bit more dark and leathery, whilst still suggesting flesh, so I decided on Fireslayer Flesh, especially as it had a slight red-brown hue. I toyed with the idea on basecoating the wings with a Rotting Flesh colour (light grey/green) to suggest the undead nature of the creature, but finally decided against it. Not sure if this would have given a better finish.

The claws were given a coat of Black Templar and the teeth were picked out in Ceramite White and then given a Soft Tone wash. The base was finished in my usual dark brown/sandstone with clumps of flock and static grass.

This model makes a nice large centrepiece for my Undead Warband and should be the final model I need for that army.

I am pretty pleased with how this model has turned out, especially since the actual effort to paint it was relatively small – Contrast paint certainly does a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ on models like this.

There is not a right or wrong way to paint a miniature

Matt Slade

Many people use the phrase ‘cheating’ when using certain techniques or materials when building or painting models. The problem with using this phrase is that it implies some form of wrongdoing. As my good friend Matt Slade of Glenbrook Games is fond of saying “There is not a right or wrong way to paint a miniature, only a difference of technique”. As someone who has always struggled to have a high painting output, my main aim is to have models on the table that look decent at the average ‘wargaming range’ – i.e. about 3 – 4 feet.

Unfortunately, despite it’s size, to quote one of my favourite Dwarves:

That still only counts as one!

Gimli the Dwarf, The Battle of Pelennor Fields

2 Comments on Painting Update – 23rd August 2020

  1. Very nicely done Neil. There is no such thing as cheating.If you do something to make the model look good using a new technology(Contrast paints) or technique it is just using all the tools in your toolbox. That is just intelligent.

  2. Paul Baldwin // August 23, 2020 at 14:20 // Reply

    Great model Neil, you’ll have quite the undead army

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